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WINTER | The Rouze Mountain Home
  • Strawberry Park Hot Springs
    In winter you take a shuttle to the most incredible hot springs. This is worth the visit. Multiple pools with various temperatures in an all natural setting. You can see the water bubbling from the mountain and running down into these pools. You can also buy a message. Bring your suite, sandals and a towel. They say after dark it becomes clothing optional, but I haven’t tried that.

  • Alpine Skiing
    The Steamboat Ski Resort is just down the mountain from our home. The free public bus stops just across the street and the base of the mountain is just 2 stops away. My wife and I take the bus down and walk back using the paved path through the condos. The resort now has night skiing. My adult children used that as there opportunity to warm up and then hit the slopes the next morning. You also have Howelsen Hill that actually has more runs than are visible from the base downtown. Howelson is where the development and training takes place for multiple olympians.

  • Cross Country
    We have only tried this once and really enjoyed it. The Steamboat Ski Touring Center is actually a local golf course in the warmer weather. You can rent and take lessons, but leave your heavy coats at home. Cross Country skiing is a heat generating sport and you will sleep well at night.
  • Four Points Dinner
    This a unique experience where you take the gondola up to Thundehead, then aboard a snowcat you ride up the Rainbow run to the Four Points Lodge which at night has been converted to a posh multi-course dining experience. The night time view is beautiful from atop the mountain. Children are welcome, but it is pretty pricy and I would suggest leaving the kids at home. Perfect for an adults night out.

  • Snowmobiling
    This is a fantastic experience for the family. I might worry about children under 7 falling off, but the view from the continental divide are incredible. On a clear day you can see 100+ miles. We recommend Steamboat Snowmobile Tours who will pick you up at our town house and drive you up toward Rabbit Ears Pass for an incredible adventure. We enjoy the 2 hour tour, but a 4 hour is available, but is eaten up by lunch. Helmets, goggles and boots are provided.

  • Sleigh-ride
    We haven’t actually done this, but we seem to always have someone too old or young to risk the cold. I suggest Googling “Steamboat Springs sleigh rides” and look at the many options.

  • Old Town Hot Springs
    The Old Town Hot Springs is at the corner of 3rd and Lincoln and offers a full spectrum of recreation center activities. If you don’t have time to for the Strawberry Park experience which is time consuming, this is a good alternative for sitting in the hot springs.

  • Snow Tubing
    At the base of Howelsen Hill your kids will enjoy tubing in the snow.
  • Sunset Happy Hour
    Take the gondola up to the Thunderhead Lodge for drinks food and music. The food is nothing to talk about but he view from the gondola on your way home is spectacular.